A couple of months back, I was sitting at my desk trying to come up with a catchy name for my new blog, a blog all about ‘dual career couples’, the challenges these couples face and how they can live their best lives together and as individuals. It’s a topic I am hugely passionate about and am experiencing every day in my own world.

So I’m brainstorming and I google the term ‘Duology’. Wikipedia defines duology as ‘a set of two works of art that are connected, and that can be seen either as a single work or as two individual works’. When I read the definition I thought to myself, bingo!!

For me, dual career couples could be defined as something very similar to this; two people that are connected, and that can be seen as individuals in their careers, or seen as a ‘single couple’ when it comes to making life choices and living their best lives together. Hence Duology was born. So welcome to my first blog post.

So, why ‘dual career couples’?

Firstly, and foremostly I am part of a dual career couple, I have a successful career which I love, I am a wife and a mother. For me; my family and my career in equal measure provide me with growth, passion and a sense of identity. I work hard to get the most from both every day. My husband is an entrepreneur, with a passion for his work and his family also.

A few years back I was commuting home from work, scrolling through LinkedIn articles when I came across the term ‘dual career couples’. It felt like a reall ‘aha’ moment. I thought to myself, wow, there is an actual ‘term’ for all of this. A term for the importance and fulfillment both my husband and I get from our work, how we try to support each other in ensuring we be our best selves while also raising our family.

Just knowing that reassured me that the life we have created and the challenges we face are normal. Since then I have read and researched everything I can on the topic, applying strategies and learning to get more from my couple, my family and my career.

Hopefully, Duology can help you too!

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