At Moxy, we see coaching as a partnership. The coach, through deep questioning techniques empowers you to be courageous, think differently, and understand yourself better then you have done before. Then, through action oriented processes we empower you to develop your strengths, identify gaps you want to fill, find solutions to your challenges and champion you to succeed.

We have developed the ‘Find Your Moxy’ Coaching Model to provide a framework to help you build the life and career you want.
The ‘Find Your Moxy’ coaching model focuses on 3 key areas; Mindset, Capability and Branding.

  • Mindset is about helping you break patterns of limiting beliefs, understanding who you are and what is your unique story.
  • Capability is about understanding your individual strengths and passions and translating them into your career and personal life.
  • Branding is about helping you understand what you want the world to know and say about you and how to make this happen.


Beliefs & Values,
Your Unique Story


Skills & Competencies
Key Strengths,


What you want the world to know and say about you

When you bring mindset and capability together, you find the sweet spot. This is where you can build a strategy that can catapult your life and career.


We will start to define the overarching goals important to you in your first coaching session. In each subsequent session together, we will generally;

  • Check in with accomplishments and learnings from the previous session.
  • Define and deep dive the goal of the days session, in line with the overarching goal, 
  • Summarise key learnings/takeaways and agree next step or actions developed.

The coaching sessions are 60 minute sessions and are normally scheduled every 2-4 weeks, allowing you to implement goals and complete key actions developed between sessions.

The coach is available for in-the-moment support between sessions when needs arise.

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