The coaching gave me a huge amount of confidence in taking my next step in my career. The coaching gave me new methods for thinking through problems and learning from my past experiences. I also uncovered a vision I have of my life 5 years down the road, that I don’t think I would have been able to surface without the coaching process.

Anna, Sales Team Lead

Dee is a gold miner; she looks for gold in people and has endless trust in their capabilities and skills. Dee’s incredible focus, ability to hear and experience as an HR practitioner equip her to navigate conversations so well and get you to the bottom of the matter. My greatest learning was distinguishing between self-esteem and self-confidence. I feel like I now know exactly what I am dealing with for the first time in my life. Everything is much easier when you start freeing yourself of self-limiting beliefs. This knowledge to me is precious and one of the greatest career gifts. Dee made me feel safe and calm while exploring these sensitive issues; her methodical thinking and composure were a constant source of calm

Bojana, People & Culture Leader – ANZ

It feels like some sort of power has been unlocked. Her profile in the business is rising – The Leadership Team have noted how much improved her way of operating is. She is noted as being more articulate and from a tangible perspective, she’s dealt with a lot of complex things this quarter and she’s done them very very well.

Denise, Chief Growth Officer

“Highly recommend Dee if you are looking to grow, develop and achieve success through a coaching program. Dee has a very natural ability to guide, nurture and push you to and through you limits whilst truly understanding your personality. Thank you Dee.”

Jenny, Head of Resourcing – Northern Europe

Deirdre is very good at getting to the route cause and she really gets you to open up and think about the whys. We’re now at a point where I know my style, values and strengths and I would love to start to discuss practical tactics for developing my style even further.

Vicki, Head of Customer Acquisition

I have found the entire experience hugely rewarding both on a personal and a professional level. I would recommend career coaching to any of my friends or colleagues. The marked difference in my confidence and my career progression in such a short period of time has been immense. Dee is an incredible career coach…

Alan, Head of IT Infrastructure and Technical Operations

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